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Restoration failure - media unrecognized

Level 3
Hi guys,

I'm needing some help from you.

I've got a Win2003 server uptodate with BackupExec10.1d rev 5629 and Qantum DLT VS160 drive.

I tried to restore some data from a recent backup that was 100% successfull. after launching the restore the message given is "Media Unrecognized". I don't understand because the backup was good and if I look at the tape in an other server it says no data.

Does someone as an idea of how can I get back my data (I'm afraid it's lost) and why the backup repport says that everything were good but no data on?


Level 6
Have you inventoried and catalogged the tape before restoring?


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Level 3
Thanks for your help,

Yes the inventory is good but when I launch the catalog fonction I get the error message : The job failed with the following error : invalid physical volume library media identifier.

The point is that I've got the same problems on all tapes which are on the DLT

Level 6
You are correct, any data on those tapes is gone. The only Veritas solution to the "media unrecognized" warning is to re-label the tape (quick erasing the tape)

Sounds like the drive may be defective. Have you tried running the manufacturer diagnostics?

Level 3
Thanks Ken,

I will try this today.

The DLT drive is a DELL PV-110T-DLTVS1602500, the diagnostic looks ok but I've got a lots of read and write error on tape statistics

Level 3
After the erase and relabelle the tape, launching the backup as usual on this tape.
No luck now the drive do not detect any more the tape.

Level 3
After checking the Drive with DELL tools it's working well, I upgraded the firmware. It's alright but I'm still do not seeing restore data

Level 6

You could try renaming the Catalogs folder.

Stop the BE services then copy the CATALOGS folder to some other location and then rename the current folder to .old and then restart the services.

Then run a catalog job on this tape.

Let us know if this has helped in resolving the issue.

Hope it helps!


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Level 3
Hi guys,

Back from a while, I reinstall the backupExec and then now I have no more issue.

Thanks all for your effort


Level 6

Thank you for the Update !

Thank you