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Restore BackupExec 12.5 LTO4 backup using Backup Exec 20

Level 2

I have an old backup (4 tapes) and an HP MLS tape array.

The backup was created using BE 12.5.

Before I start buying an upgrade I'm trying to confirm the BackupExec 20 will read this data from an ancient version.

My real problem is BackupExec succesfully inventories these tapes however after an inventory BE keeps stopping after the first tape saying it can't find the rest. But within Backup Exec it recognizes the media set and knows where they are.

I just need to dump a few mailboxes to PST and that's it.

Now the new licensing structure is a total nightmare right now since I can't catalog. And this backup was literally made before I started so I can't be 100% sure what's on it. And all I need is a few **bleep** mailboxes.

Any advice?


Employee Accredited Certified

The reason it may ask for another tape may be that the media family of other tapes is not matching Normally if the backups spanned on multiple tapes , they have the same media family id and when you catalog BE would ask for the next media in sequence. Can you attach the Job Log and Job History of Invetory of all these 4 tapes so check on the media family information. You can also test a catalog of all 4 tape media one by one with the use media in sequence checkbox deselected from BE Global settings --> catalog ( try to check if you can find this. Dont have a 12.5 setup to verify the exact checkbox description.

If you want to try Backup Exec, it offers a trial of 60 days before you need the license so you can try the Inventory and catalog with it.  LTO4 should still be supported with BE 20. You can confirm by checking the Hardware Compatibility List of BE 20