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Restore DFS with Backup Exec, Different Path

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I have Veritas Backup Exec 2016, I have backed a DFS, and everything works ok. When I restore some User folder in the same server everything works ok, but when I try to restore in a diferent path, the job finish without error, but when I see the content folder I can see anything, the folder properties has the same size as the original folder, I tried check the Mark this server as the primary arbitrator for replication when restoring folders managed by the File Replication Service any suggest ?

I think the problem could be by user permissions

Note: The alternative path exists in a workstation with operating sistem version windows 10

DFS server Windows Server 2012 R2.




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I beleive you can ONLY restore DFSR data to a location that is also handled by DFSR, as your redirect to WIndows 10 almost certainly won't be running DFSR that is likely to be the issue - It is also possible that there may be other redirection limitations for this type of data


To test this try redirectiong to a DFSR configured folder on a test server (and not on Windows 10)