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Restore EDB file from a tape

Level 2

Hey guys,

I need to restore mails from a tape where the exchange server is not there anymore. I am trying to restore only the EDB file...

I did follow the article but it doesn't work with 2012 tapes. When restoring I am getting the error E000FF00

Any help is appreciated


Level 2

The error E000FF00 could point to a few possible causes.  To narrow this down, could you provide the actual error message from the JobLog.  Also, a) What version/spack of BE was used for the Backup. b) What Exchange version was backed up. 

Thank you for your answer.

The error code is V-79-57344-65280 Resources error,

I don't know what exchange version was that, but pretty sure 2010 or 2007

Backup Exec 2010 R3

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If it was a GRT enabled backup try duplicating the set to disk and then go and look in the IMG folder that is created inside the disk device you duplicated to.

Thank you for your reply,

How can I do this duplication? I can't find any "clear" option in backup exec..

Thanks in advance

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You locate the dated backup set and right click on it to find the duplicate option.


May only be seen if you have a second storage device (in this case disk) to duplicate to - so if you do not have such a configuration already, you may have to setup a disk storage device on a volume with enough space first)