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Restore Exchange to RSG

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Hello.  We are running Exchange Server 2007, where the Information store is on a clustered machine consisting of 2 Windows Server 2003 R2 nodes, and using Backup Exec 2010.
I have been trying to follow the article on this site by Scott Melzer “How to restore an Exchange 2007 Mailbox from tape using Backup Exec 12” and have had some problems... 
First,the article describes creating an RSG using the Exchange Management Console.  This I can do, but I get an error (Event ID: 9727) during restore from tape:

This document above explains that there is an issue with the path settings for the RSG – i.e. Since the restore is redirected to an RSG and not the original storage group from where the backup was created, then the log path and system path need to be the same apparently, and this is not default.  It seemed difficult to change this from within the EMC, so I found the tutorial below which describes creating an RSG using Power Shell.

New-StorageGroup –Server E2K7S04 –LogFolderPath “E:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\RSG –Name “Recovery Storage Group” –SystemFolderPath “E:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\RSG” –Recovery

I have created an RSG using the above command, where both the log path and system path is set to the same location, and now the job fails with:

Restore from tape -- The job failed with the following error: Unable to restore some Microsoft Exchange components because one or more of the databases are currently mounted, or because the recovery storage group or recovery database is not properly configured. Use the Exchange System Manager or Exchange Management Console to check the configuration of the recovery storage group or recovery database and the mount status of the databases.

Job Log:
V-79-57344-65217 - An error occurred while completing the operation on \\pitt\Microsoft Information ...
A failure occurred performing the post-restore operation.
V-79-57344-65072 - Connection to the restore target has been lost.  Operation canceled.
I feel I am going round in circles!  Is is possible that my RSG is still not configured properly?  Presumably restoring email to an RSG shouldn’t be this hard...  Sorry for the long winded request for help.  Please tell me if there is anything else I should have included!

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SO you are trying to restore to RSG. Delete the existing rsg and also the files for the RSG that got created while creating the RSG. Create a new RSG withing the exchange using the Tools option or using the command shell.

From the backup exec run the restore and select the redirect exchange and make sure you put the name of your virtual exchange server name, as you said it is in cluster then there has to be a virtual exchange name that you have to put and then try the exchange restore.

Also make sure in the Backup exec click on network - logon account and check if you have system logon account, if you don't have it then create it and also make sure it is of correct credentials

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Hi Sazz,

Thanks for your reply.  I have deleted my RSG, and realised that the New-StorageGroup cmdlet doesn't actually create any directories (as does the EMC tool) so perhaps I am missing a step?  I can't run the New-MailboxDatabase cmdlet until I have actually restored database from tape, right?

In backup exec I have been redirecting to the Exchange Servers Clustered name, so that is fine.  Fairly certain logon account details are correct too... 

Happily nothing actually needs restoring at the moment touch wood!!

Thanks again.


Level 4
Just a footnote before I go home.  I see that you DO need to run the New-MailboxDatabase cmdlet BEFORE you can restore!  I am now getting a shiny new error:

V-79-57344-65233 - A failure occurred querying the Writer status.

Anyway, I feel I am now making progress, so thanks,