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Restore Hyper-V VM to Oracle Virtualbox

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Hi all.

I'm currently using Veritas BE 16.

I'm backuping up my Hyper-V VM by doing the complete and differencial backups to the Hyper-V HA directly.

So i backup the vhds that belong to each VM.

Now for the purpose of testing some software upgrades i was trying to restore one the VM wich is a Server 2008 R2 with SQL 2008 R2 onto the Oracle VM on my laptop.

I was able to do this in earlier versions of BE by using the SDR iso created and booting the Oracle VM with the iso and it recognize all the servers backuped up. Now the SDR iso boot only shows the physical servers and not the VM to restore.

I did the SDR with all the drivers recognized by the BE 16.

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A Hyper-V virtual agent backup results in the VM being backed up as VHD/VHDX files and not as content (the GRT process gives you the content by mounting the VHD/VHDX, but this is not for SDR purproses because if you have done a virtual agent backup we expect you to a virtual agent process for the restore of a whole VM and the GRT process just for one or 2 files.)

These VHD/VHDX files can only be used in environments that support such files (Hyper-V Hosts and newer Windows OS versions that can mount a VHD/VHDX)

The SDR disk cannot handle such files and in fact SDR as a process ONLY relates to standard remote agent backups and NOT virtual agent backups. Of course the other thought - I doubt Oracle VM supports VHD/VHDX directly anyway. Note to DR a VM that has been backed uo using our virtual agents we directly write to the hyper-visor involved so the SDR disk is not used for DR restore of a virtual agant backup

If you want to get your Hyper-V VMs into Oracle VM using SDR you will have to do a traditonal Agent for Windows backup of the VMs and not use the virtual agent process.


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You can test software updates using the 'Instant Recovery' functionality. Refer attached screenshot for more use cases of 'Instant Recovery' feature.

You can get more details on 'Instant Recovery' feature for Hyper-V VMs here.