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Restore Hyper-V VM

Level 3

 I am trying to restore a VM from BE2010 backup. I am backing up the vhd and everything appears to have been working fine. Each new backup is showing growth which indicates changed to the VM as expected. Because of an error I am tyring to restore the VM from disk backup. When I am restoring I am getting an image from back on 12/16/2010 instead of two days ago. I noticed in the restore job the .vhd is from 12/16 but I have an .avhd file with the correct date.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong on this? I attach the VM back to the Hyper-V host and I am assuming the .vhd is to read information from the .avhd to reflect updated information. In addition, I notice the xml files are selected to restore but they are not restoring. I am not getting error messages so I have nothing to reference.




Level 3

Figured out my issue. I had to merge the .avhd into the original .vhd. The backup worked just fine... although when I tried to redirect the restore it just restored to the original location.