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Restore Idling?

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I have been attempting to restore a Notes user e-mail file without much success.
I am using Backup Exec 9.1 on a windows 2003 Server, using a HP Ultrium 1 SCSI Tapedrive.
When I try to restore the files (nsf notes files) the restore job seems to Idle for about an hour. I eventually end up cancelling the job as it seems to be doing nothing.
The funny thing is, I've tried restore similar files with no problems, takes about 10 minutes (for even larger files).
I've also tried restoring the same file from older backups.. but it still hangs.
Even if the file was corrupt, wouldn't it still restore a corrupt file.... not idle.
The different tapes we've tried had ~ 10-50 soft errors on them.. but no hard errors.

Has any one else here ran into a similar problem and can help shed some light onto this??

Thanks for your time.

Level 6

-- Did you try to catalog the Tape?

-- Is the catalog sucessfull?

-- Are you trying a redirect restore?

Thank You,