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Restore Jobs start but stall, don't complete, or complete with lower job rate than previous restores

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Most of the times recent attempted restores will start but will stall and require me to cancel them.

I did one test restore last night that took about 29 minutes for one file at a rate of 1.00 MB/min.

Currently I have one job that went to 99% complete and is just sitting there for almost two hours. Job Rate continues to decline the longer it sits.

Previous restore about 30 days ago was with speed of 264.00 MB/min

What could have caused this sudden slow down and how to I fix this? Any help is super appreciated.



Are these old tapes? Check the properties of the tapes you are trying to restore from - see if there are many read/write errors.

May be worth cleaning the tape drive.

Does it make any difference if you restore to a different location - eg different server etc.?

Any errors shown in the event logs?

I checked the read/write errors. Files are backed up over several tapes. Hard to tell exactly which one the files are being pulled from. The read/write errors vary.

All errors are mainly soft read/soft write. Only two tapes have 1 hard write. No hard read errors.

Cleaning the tape drive sounds like a great idea. It has not been done in awhile probably. Running that now.

Of all the recent test restores, only one worked to specific location which is a volume on the same server that Backup Exec is being run on. That one is the one that ran at 1.00 MB/min.

No errors show in logs except the notifications that I cancelled a job.



Ran the cleaner. Nothing changed.

Tried running a restore last night. Stuck on 99% 

Elapsed time right now is 15:31:30

Byte Count 1,029,689,532

Job Rate 1.00 MB/min

Looking at the server it is running on as possible culprit right now. There is a system error recurring.

Event Type: Error

Event Source: NetBT

Event Category: None

Event ID: 4321

Date: 2/16/2023

Time: 8:47:23 AM

User: N/A

Computer: DMAVAULT


The name "Domain          :1d" could not be registered on the Interface with IP address The machine with the IP address did not allow the name to be claimed by this machine.

After some more exploration I believe the problem is that the restore from tape job is pointing resource credentials to a server that is not operational right now.

Is that an potential issue and how can I bypass that if I can't use that server again?



Try restoring without permissions - that is select the option to:

"Restore files without their security information and the file system permissions. The security information and the file system permissions for the restored files are determined by the security information and file system permissions of the destination location"

At least that's what the option is in the current version of Backup Exec (v22.0) Not sure what it was back in BE2010, but probably not too dissimilar.