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Restore Only Selected Partitions Using SDR

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I'm trying to restore a server. I have a valid full backup. I have a working SDR disk and SDR file.

Part-way through the restore process there is a screen with a check-box labelled "Recover the entire computer with this point-in-time backup set".

Below it is a list of all the partitions in the backup set - each has it's own check-box which is disabled.

If I deselect the first check-box the others do not enable. I need them to because I only want to restore two partitions.

If I go forward anyway then a couple of screens later it complains that there are mismatched drives.

I can map the drives I want but there seems no way to tell it to ignore the mismatched ones.

It mustn't touch the other partitions (it couldn't restore them anyway).

I can’t tell it to delete and recreate the partitions from the backup set because one of the partition it would destroy is the system partition containing the boot files!

I just want to restore two partitions but I can’t do it when the Server is up because access is denied to too many critical files.


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I am not 100% sure about this but I believe that even with the use of that check box, Backup Exec SDR will always require the volumes relating to critical components to be restored hence the ability to deselect them will be greyed out and you would have to have a non-critical resource in your 'overall backup set' in order to be able to deselect a volume within the SDR process.

If you are not trying to restore all the critical volumes then it is not really a complete DR and therefore not an SDR process for the recovery.

To restore non-critical content on a server you would just use a normal restore process (either back to original locations or redirected) so not be using SDR.