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Restore SQL DB level tape backup on different Backup Exec 2014 Server


I have deployed Backup Exec 2014 server and scheduled the backup jobs as follow.

  1. Full Backup of Backup Exec 2014 Server (External Hard disk) - Weekly
  2. Virtual Machine Conversion: Domain Server (External Hard disk) - Weekly
  3. Virtual Machine Conversion: SQL Server (External Hard disk) - Weekly
  4. SQL Database Level Backup (Tape) - Daily

And above backups will be tested on separate network. (DR)

  1. Restore Backup Exec Server - Weekly
  2. Restore Domain Server VM - Weekly
  3. Restore SQL Server VM - Weekly
  4. Restore SQL DB - Daily

My concern is when restoring SQL DB daily, should I need to copy Backup Exec Catalogs (C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Catalogs) manually or is it possible to include catalogs on the same tape backup job which is running daily?




3 Replies

The catalog is only produced

The catalog is only produced at the end of the job so including the catalog directory in the same job will not save the catalog of the job It is better to catalog the tape on your DR server

So the only way is to copy it

So the only way is to copy it manually and restart the Backup exec services, correct?

Yes. It might be faster to

Yes. It might be faster to just catalog the tape