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Restore Stalled

Level 1

I'm attempting to restore a VM server's files.  I've had to recreate the VM and started the restore from tape.  The restore went through the staging phase (8 hours for 6.8 TB) and started the Restore phase.  It was slow but appeared to be working.  But it appears to have stalled around 250 GB.  I see the 250 GB of files and folders it has written to the VM but I've seen no progress in over 12 hours. 

I've had a few missteps that required restarting the restore procedure and hesitate to restart the 8 hour procedure.  Especially since I have no errors messages to address.  This is my 3rd 8 hour restore attempt so I'm getting desperate.  Help, suggestions, or paid support options are all appreciated.



1. Check the event log on backup exec server.

2. Any other job running?

3. I think u can start the debug mon to see if any hints