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Restore VMDK as a single file to drive

We have a file we need to restore from our file server, but GRT was not enabled for the VMware backup and its not in a folder used by users, so I don't have a file level backup of it either.  I want to extract the VMDK from the backup tape and copy it to my desktop where I can add it to VMware Workstation and extract the file.  All my attempts have either failed or it appears to want to restore to its origonal location.

Backup: Backup Exec 2012 (v14.0) running on an independent virtual computer
Envirionment: VMware vSphere 5.2
Server: Windows 2008
Media: Tape
Drive: D: (data only disk)

Any ideas?

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You can restore the vmdk as a

You can restore the vmdk as a flat file to a different location. (however, it has to be a local disk of the Backup Exec media server) And ensure you select the VM by clicking the checkbox next to the machine name on the left column & you can only restore all the vmdks for that VM & not just an invididual vmdk. Once you select the VM, the next screen shows 3 choices for location. Choose the last one which is restore to a path & provide a path of the local media server & continue ahead with the restore wizard.

And what is the error you get if you have already tried the prev steps ?