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Restore With Lan Free Backup

Level 2

Hello Everyone 

I have a question 

dose restore work on LAN Free Backup?

I have EMC Storage all connection and setup is fine based on backup exec documentation, I present all EMC LUN into BE Server.

Backups over SAN or "LAN Free Backup" work property, in Backup Exec I setup deduplication storage, and then access this storage direct from SAN (LAN Free)

LAN Free Backup works just fine but when comes to restore we cant use LAN Free Feature and we face this error :

V-79-57344-38264 - Unable to copy the virtual machine disk using the VMware VixDiskLib.
VixDiskLib_Read() reported the error: One of the parameters supplied is invalid

But restore over the network just fine 

any suggestion?

with regards

Mohammad Kohandezh