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Restore catalog not showing Exchange stores

Level 4
I need to restore one of our Exchange stores from a tape written a few months ago.  I catalogued the tape, which took about 15 minutes, and opened a restore job and browsed the selections by both resource and media.  All the recent backups, not just this newly catalogued tape, do not show any stores in the First Storage Group on any of our Exchange servers.  I'm pretty sure they have been getting backed up, based on job elapsed times and byte counts.
I must be missing something.  Appreciate any suggestions.
Bob Peitzke

Level 6
is more than one BackupJob stacked on that tape?
Do the later jobs Append or Overwrite?
What is the OPP (Overwrite Protection Period) for the media set the first Storage Group is written to?

Level 4
is more than one BackupJob stacked on that tape?
Do the later jobs Append or Overwrite?
Yes and yes.
I did the suggested catalog config changes - unchecked "Use storage media-based catalogs" and "Request all media ... "; inventoried again and ran catalog again.  This one finished in 11 minutes.  The restore selection still did not show any stores under any of the several "First Storage Group" sessions on the tape.
We found we can restore the whole batch, but would prefer to be able to select an individual mailbox store.

Level 3
I have more or less the same problem.
I do a backup of an exchange2003 first to disk than to tape.
One time i have the GRT restore catalog down to the mail for the disk the other time for the tape. But never for the two systems. At first install everything works fine, for a few days, afterwards the problems started.
I have installed al possible updates thru liveupdate, restarted the server, but the problem stays.
Anyone thad have an idea.
Bob, for your problem. Have you checked the box above the tab view by resource, this will enable you to go further back in time. If your backup is further than 30 day it is not displayed by default.