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Restore from Tape when you don't have access to the source server

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I am trying to restore from a completed tape backup from a server that is currently dead. I have made the selection from the media, but it points to Resource Credential from the dead server. Is there a way to restore some of the data from that tapes and remove that Resource Credential requirement?


Level 3

Sorry. I figured it out. Was not an issue with the dead server. Was an issue with the one I was point at.

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Do a restore without permissions.


Not familiar with that. I was able to get one job to restore using the redirect feature, although it was super slow at 1.00 MB/min.

Most of the times recent attempted restores will start but will stall and require me to cancel them. Currently I have one job that went to 99% complete and is just sitting there for almost two hours. Job Rate continues to decline the longer it sits.

I am going to start a separate discussion for this issue.