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Restore job repeatedly requesting tape import

Level 3


Trying to restore from a couple of old tapes that do not have barcodes on them. I have inventoried the magazine and the catalogue job worked fine. When I try to run the restore job, even though the properties of the magazine show that the correct tapes are in the correct slots, the restore will not pick the tape without me running an import. I run the import, which repeatedly asks me to load the tape in the slot, then load it into the portal then load it back into the slot (about three times each) - the import job then finishes and I retry the restore, and we start all over again.

I can do a restore of that tape by right clicking it from the slot view but, for some reason, I can't see the same data that I see from the restore wizard and so I cannot restore the data I need.

I'm probably doing something obvious wrong but I have no idea what!