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Restoring Authoritative AD

Level 1

I'm attempting to perform an authoritative restore of my Primary Domain Controller following How to perform a manual disaster recovery in Backup Exec. (

We've set up a target system with the same OS (Windows Server 2012 R2), we're using "Agent for Applications and Databases" to backup and restore the PDC.

When restoring we select to restore everything under "SNAPSHOT VOL" except Registry. We exclude the registry because we're restoring to a VM, and the original was physical, different underlying hardware, restore is successful.

The guide then want's us to restart, boot into Advanced Boot Options and select Directory Services Restore Mode but it's not a boot option.

I'm thinking to try installing the Active Directory Domain Services first, then restore, but the guide doesn't mention anything about installing roles.... any suggestions?

Does someone have experience with manually restoring a PDC with backup exec, what worked for you?



The document that you posted is seem for restoring same machine.

You have to restore registry as well. If you are going to restore the PDC to another different machine, you need to to perform universal restore. Afterward, you can perform Authoritative restore.