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Restoring Data ?

Level 2

I try to restore Data from a Backup Tape created with Veritas 8.5 German on an NT 4.0 Server.

Inserted in new Windows 2003 SBS Server with Veritas 9.1 SBS english.

The inventory works, bat the catalog fails with an error.

Is it maybe necessary to install the same language Version to catalog a Tape?
Other helps ?

Level 6
Can you post the specific error.

Level 2
Here it comes.

Backup Exec Alert: Job Failed
(Server: "SA1FPS") (Job: "Catalog 0001") Catalog 0001 -- The job failed with the following error: Invalid Physical Volume Library Media Identifier.

Thanks for help!

Level 6
Only Tech Note I can find ( ) just says to inventory before running the catalog job, but you siad you've done that.

This is kind of a stretch, but shut down the BEWS services, rename the catalogs folder ( and restart the services

BackupExec should create a new \Catalogs folder, and you should be able to inventory and catalog the old tape(s)

After the catalog succeeds (if it does) shut down the services and copy the U01 file(s) to the original catalog folder, rename back to \Catalogs, delete the BETOPCAT.IDX file and restart the services

(Or if this is a one time thing, just do your restore)

Level 6

Please execute the steps recomended in the previous post by Ken and report to us the results. Also refer the technote mentioned.

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Level 6
As per our previous reply, marking the case as assumed answered and moving it to answered questions pool.