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Restoring Media Server

Thanks a lot. I  backup the  entire disk on which BE is installed on the daily basis and  backups completes w/o any errors or warnings. I checked backups and found out that Data and Catalogs dirs are in these backups. Unfortunatelu, there is only one BE media server on the site at the moment. How do I restore media server should it crashes for some reason?  

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I have branched this off as a

I have branched this off as a new discussion because it is a different question.


To restore the media server do the following:-

1) Restore the OS

2) Install BE

3) catalog your media

4) restore the Data and Catalogs directory to some temporary location

5) stop all BE services

6) replace the Data and Catalogs directories with the old ones

7) use BEUtility to restore the BEDB

8) start all BE services

9) Continue with your other restores

Read the section on Preparing for Disaster Recovery in the Admin Guide.