Restoring Public Folders from one Exchange 2003 to another Exchange 2003 server

Hi All,

I am trying to restore a public folder that was backed up on an Exchange 2003 server to another Exchange 2003 server in the same enterprise.

It keeps failing with the error "unable to attach to a resource..." 0xe000848c.

I'm using the Exchange Redirection tab and trying to redirect to a public folder on the target Exchange Server.

The backup account used for the restore is the same as the backup account used to back up the data.

Any pointers on what could be wrong here?

Using Backup Exec 11d.

Thanks a mill in advance.


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Hi there, Did you use AOFO?

Hi there,


Did you use AOFO? If so, stage to disk first and then try restoring from there to the other store.

That said, is the RAWS agent also installed on the second Exchange server, and is the service started up?

You can also check these 2 Symantec TNs which should be of some help...




Hi Craig,

Remote agent installed and running on second exchange server.

Not sure if AOFO was used.

I'll look through the notes thanks,