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Restoring VHD From Cloud, VHD file disappears - Resolved

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Hoping I could get some help here.  We are testing out cloud backup for an offsite repository for our mission critical servers.  We've been testing Azure deep storage for this endeavour and have a simple cloud storage device setup in our Backup Exec.

The backup path is currently backup to local disk, then duplicate to cloud.  I'm just working with one small, non-critical VM to work with right now to make sure that it works, and that we have the process down for if we ever need to restore.

Backing up seems to work just fine.  Backup to disk succeeds without error, backup to cloud goes without an issue.  It shows that around 100GB has been successfully backed up.  If I do a restore of the VHD from our local SAN, I can mount the VHD and boot the VM no problem.  However, if I restore the VHD that's on the cloud storage, it acts like it's corrupt.  The restore size is 100GB, I copy that VHD to a Hyper-V VM I have setup for testing, fire it up, and the VHD suddenly goes from 100GB to if it's an empty VHD.

It makes absolutely no sense.  I put in a support ticket with Veritas, but they seem to be as stumped as I am with it.

The weird thing also is, if I back up the system as as an agent, rather than the Hyper-V data, as if it were a physical box, I can restore the data from it no problem from the cloud.

Has anyone else run into anything similar?


ETA: I have tried on different VMs and they were able to restore from the cloud without issue.  It appears that it was just this particular VM, though strange that the backup from the local storage worked, but the cloud didn't.