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Restoring VM backups made using BEX2010R3 with VCB

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I have a requirement to restore individual files from VM backups made with BEX 2010R3 using the VCB method.

I have inventoried the tapes and catalogued them - all well so far.  I can browse the backup sets and see the VMDKs available for restore.

After restore of the VMDK I would usually mount it in Windows with a utility such as OSFMount - and then simply copy the required file to the target destination.

However - using the VCB method at backup time - the parameters in force meant that the backup of the VMDK was split into numerous parts - each with a max size of 2GB.  When I use OSFMount to mount the restored VMDK's I can only see a partition on the first part, and it is unreadable when mounted as it cannot see the other parts.  If I try and mount the other parts it sees no partitions on them.

I can use the mountvm command, point it at the first part of the restored VMDK and it will work (it will discover that there are additional files required) - but this is a little 'clunky' and not my preferred way forward.

Any ideas as to how I can achieve my objective here of restoring a file(s) from a restored VMDK which which was backed up with BEX using the VCB method and consists of many parts (i.e. a 20GB VMDK would be backed up as 10 x 2GB 'pieces') ?




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Hello AJ,

What version of Backup Exec are you using currently to restore?

What was the ESi version from which it was backed up?

Are you doing a redirected restore as a file and then trying to mount?

Can you share the screenshot of the restore option which allows you to split the VMDK in to 2GB files?


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As the same original poster (OP) has a newer thread running on the same scenario will lock this thread.


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