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Restoring a Mailbox - some mails and subfolders of inbox are missing

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Hi Admins.

I tried to restore a mailbox with BackupExec 12.5 SP4 and all patches installed on an Exchange Server 2007, with an HP Ultrium Tape.

The restore job completes without errors, I can see all mails/folders are on the tape, but not all of them are restored. The file attached shows how the tree structure of the inbox folders should look like (inbox has a subfolder A, A has a subfolder B again and so on). There were more than 20 subfolders.

After the restore I just have three subolders, the whole rest is missing.


I tried to restore single mails, the whole mailbox, redirecting it to a new created test-mailbox. Every time nothing goes wrong, everything is restored but the problem remains the same, these subfolders are missing.


I created a test scenario on an Exchange 2003 Server with BackupExec 12.5, there everything worked fine.


Anybody has an idea how to solve this?


Help greatly appreciated!




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When BE restores from a GRT backup to tape, it has to stage the data temporarily, and by default, this is to C:\Temp. First thing to do is check that there is enough space there, or alternatively move it to another location under: Tools --> Options --> Exchange

You can also try duplicating the backup to disk first and then restoring from there. If you don't know how, follow the article below for some help...


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Hi Craig, thx for your fast reply. I tried both of your suggestions, but none of them worked.

I tried with the the temp-folder on a separate disk with enough space (250G free, the Exchange Mailbox Database is 30G). Then I duplicated the tape to the B2D folder and restored from the image

It seems like this issue has to do with the "path lenght" of the items to restore. 

There is another folder below inbox (an unimportant one, the user did not even want to have it restored) also containing a lot of subfolders. Restoring this one I get more subfolders back. The folders have shorter names. When I write the path down, it´s only a few characters less than the path below.

The "path" in the selection list of the last empty folder i got restored is exactly the following

\\ SRV01\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database • username1 username12 • Top Of Information Store • Posteingang • XXXXXXXX • XXXXXXXXXXXX • XXXXX XXXXX • XXXXXXX XXXX

If you have any idea on this plz let me know