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Restoring a crashed server?

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I am trying to work out how to restore my server in the case that the operating system fails. At the moment its running all fine and the backups are working etc. I would like to know if Windows Server 2003 fails how am I to restore the server?

A few years ago with LiveStateRecovery I remember just booting from the CD and doing this but this isn't working for me currently, is this method still used or what is the current method?


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Having a rough idea what you're going to do can't compare with actually testing it. Nothing can beat taking a similar peice of hardware, disconnecting it from your live network and restoring your old server onto it. Basically what you want to do is:

1. Install Windows
2. Install latest service pack
3. Install Veritas to a temporary folder
4. Inventory/catalogue tape
5. Restore everything on the tape.

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You mainly have two options:

1.- Use Backup Exec System Recovery, formerly known as Livestate System Recovery and work the sam way you say.

2.- Use Backup Exec with the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option, which integrates with your backups, but is not hardware independent as BESR is.

The third option is the manual recovery posted in by the other forumer.

You choose!