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Restoring an individual email from an information store backup

Level 3
Could someone send me some details on restoring an individual mail item from an information store backup? Obviously we would not want to restore that over top of our existing info store and would somehow need to point to a 2nd info store and mount it.. Correct?? After that I would be lost though!

We had been doing brick level backups for ease of restoring but the time required to do a brick level backup now exceeds what we want - so are now doing info store backup only...

Problem is, I've never restored an email from a info store and need to know exactly how one would go about doing that - and test it.

We are running Exchange 2000 and Veritas BE ver 10.



Level 6

Please refer to the below mentioned technote:

How to restore individual mailboxes without recreating them in Backup Exec 9.x and 10.x for Windows Servers


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