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Restoring emails from backup Exec 2010 fails

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I have been tasked to recover some emails from an old tape based backup created with Backup Exec 2010.

I have spun up a VM of SBS 2003 as this was what the backups were created on. I've set it up with the same domain details as the original server (that no longer exists).

I've loaded up backup exec 2010 R3, inventoried and catalogued the tapes. Tested restore of files from drives stored in the backups and all is fine. Restore completes without issue.

I can see the microsoft exchange mailboxes in question on the backup. One of the mailboxes in the backup has a warning x symbol on it and its status is 'corrupt or contains corrupt items'.

All the other mailboxes appear with the status 'normal'. It is one of these 'normal' mailboxes that i want to recover some emails from. I start a restore job, select the emails, Set the settings in backup exec under 'exchange' to automatically recreate user accounts and mailboxes', dismount the database before restore and commit and mount database after restore. I then start the restore.

The job then fails with the following error: 'A checksum of the data has failed.'

I am wondering if the whole exchange database is corrupt in the backup. My question is, how can i get the exchange database 'out' of the backup, so i can try and run some utilities on it to recover the emails?

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How is your tape drive/library connected to the media server VM? If the tape drive/library is connected directly to the host then this configuration is not supported. You need to use a physical media server and attach the tape drive/library to this server.

I have the same issue on a physical media server.

Any idea why it wont restore the backup?

Is there any way to get the raw emails out of a backup if it is displaying one mailbox as corrupt?

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Your take is probably damaged