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Restoring files be12.5

Level 2

We take backup of 5 server every night and get no Errors.
The backup of the 4 servers are about 100Gb and the last server 200GB , a total of 600G (takes 6 houers).
The big backup are number 3 in resource selection.  
If we try to restore any of the 4 small backups (each of 100gb) NO Problemo.
But if we try to restore the big backup (200GB) we get the error V-79-57344-34032
The restore runs about 6 minits before the error, ANY of the other restore, only runs about 1 minits before finish without error, and thats is regarding that they are last on tape , and not in the beginning, like the big one.
The tape is on a seperate scsi controller (not on the scsi controller that the disk is on).
The big backup is NOT , on the server, witch hosts the tape streamer.
We have bought a new tape streamer , but still the error.
We have upgraded our be10d to 12.5, but still the error.

Can anyone please help ?. 



Level 6
Try following the document below and see if that helps

Level 2
Thanks RahulG,

I shuld have told, that i already had, tried that, but i forgot, so sorry, that dont help me.

Level 3
have you applied all updates to 12.5 (SP3 and the driver update hotfix: 336087)?
Are you using Symantec/Veritas drivers for your tape drive or the vendor supplied drivers, if vendor supplied, try Symantec/Veritas drivers.

Best regards,