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Restoring files from old .BKF on External Drive - Backup Exec 12.5

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Hey there, was wondering if someone could help me out here... :\

I am having an issue restoring files through Backup Exec 12.5.

The dated folders within the Resource Server/Drive Letter/Date of Backup shows a LOCK in bottom right hand

corner of folder. When I go to restore a file from these dates it says you must "insert media disk that corresponds".

Okay, that makes sense to me as I dont have that disk in front of me to restore from.

However, the External Drive I do have is from a month ago and when I take the same route to restore, it shows a

Folder with a Question Mark to the bottom left and the Lock to the right. 


When you try to expand the folder, there are NO Selections Existing for this Resource.

I am so stumped on how I can add the .BKF files from external drive and restore one file.

ALSO... (just so I know, new to this backup exec...)

#1.. Whats the proper/best way to restore files?

#2.. Should I restore through Resource, Media or Selection Details?

#3.. How should I match up the .BKF file Numbers to what is listed in Backup Exec as a Restore Selection List?

If you need more info, let me know! Thanks for your help.

I just need to restore a really important file from a month ago!!! 

Please help!!! Thanks everyone!




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Have you run a catalog on that media? If not, do so and then try the restore again.

That icon also means the backup is partialized (only part of it present). Try rebuilding the catalogs as per the TN below:


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Hey Craig, thanks for your reply.

No, I have not run a catalog on the media.

Can you explain briefly how to run a catalog? 

Thanks, I will take a look at the web link provided. 

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In the Devices tab, click on the B2D folder, right-click on the media files and select catalog.

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Hi NovaSom,

                         Please follow the following steps.

1. Connect the device from where you want to restore. Connect the external drive in your case.

2. Go to Devices tab on the Backup exec console

3. Right click on the Backup to Disk folder and run inventory.

4. Once the inventory is completed then again right click on the Backup to Disk Folder and run a catalog

5. Try another restore