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Restoring open storage (Data Domain) Data

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We are running a Data Domain 2500 system using DD Boost and had some issues with space due to orphaned data from an old Backup Exec server.  After dealing with Dell I manually deleted the files from before the current server then after having successful backups I cleaned the DD to clear down the space.  However after restarting the Backup server I couldn't connect to the storage anymore through Backup Exec and was getting the below error.

Offline; Unable to connect to the OpenStorage device.  Ensure that the network is properly configured between the device and the Backup Exec server.

What I found was that I had accidentally deleted the SInf file that gets created when you add the storage to Backup Exec.

I was able to create a new DD Boost storage to get backups working again but at the moment still can't access the old data.

I have tried copying files to a new store then inventorying them but it errors straight away saying that it can't inventory those files.  Should I be able to add files into a store and inventory them like this?

Is there anyway to recreate this SInf file to get the store working again or alternatively am I able to inventory the files into a new store like I have tried?



There should be a copy of the sinf file called Sinf-bak (or maybe BEOST_Sinf-bak) which can be copied and renamed.
Try accessing it via the \\.pdvfs share.

Alternatively stssinf can be used to recreate the sinf file,


sadly deleted the bak one as well Smiley Mad

what is stssinf?


As per would recommend you raise a support call to run the STSSINF Utility which recreates the Sinf file.