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Rights to do Backup

The requirement of Symantec in backing up SQL Database needs a super account such as “SA” and not the backup role account, to backup the databases. Thus this conflict to the ITIL principle of IT Risk and governance and Microsoft security practices. I want to have a clear visibility in this issue and I dont want to give SA account to my backup operator in backing up the SQL database. Please help.

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Hi   You can ensure that user



You can ensure that user is local admin & apart from that you can give  rights for the user by following way

user has sqladmin and sqlserveradmin rights in SQL Management Studio 2005

1. Launch the SQL Management Studio Console and go to Security-->Logins and the User which is used in Backup Exec to backup SQL 2005 Databases.
2.Right click the User and go to Properties
3.Select Server Roles
4.Select serveradmin and sysadmin and dbcreator role

I understand your point, but

I understand your point, but my question here is, why it is architected like this? For somehow it doesn’t conform with the  security of Microsoft that you can define level of role to execute/perform certain task.


This is just my concern.