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Robotic libary i missing

Hi Forum


I need a solutions or just some guidance, the problem is that i had some issues with storage on my be15 and i changed the raid controller in it, after that i could see the robotic tape libary but i didnt work, so i search the internet and found some articles where i could understand that it had to be deleted and installed once again after controller change, so i deleted the libary but now i cant install it again ?


This is the devices i see today 




these options is what i can install 

Tape install.PNG


Let me know if you guys need more info :-)

thx in advance

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Hi, 1. make sure that



1. make sure that Windows sees the library. if it doesn't, BE won't as it sees what Windows does.

2. Make sure that the replaced card actually supports tape libraries.

3. Make sure that the robotics in Windows Device Manager is showing as Unknown Medium Changer, and that you're using the Symantec drivers for the tape drive (use tapeinst.exe to install them).


In addition to the above, a

In addition to the above, a properly detected Tape Storage does not have to be manually added in BE. It will automatically get detected.

Also, since you mention a RAID controller, not all RAID controllers are supported by BE -

Lastly, verify the hardware compatibility of BE 15 as well -

This "nice" drawing is a



This "nice" drawing is a sketch of the setup :-)


And the tape drive is install with the tapeinst.exe from symantec folder and also regonized in the device manager, but do not appear in the backup console 

Since you have 4 tape drives

Since you have 4 tape drives in your tape library, did you purchase and install 3 LEO licences in the BE console?

Sorry i dont understand your

Sorry i dont understand your question ?


The MD's is disk stations only the IBM is for tapes 

In this case forget about my

In this case forget about my earlier question. It is not relevant. Your PERC is a RAID controller and I think it is not listed in the document referenced earlier. Hence it is not supported

but it is listed as a tape

but it is listed as a tape device in the device manager, could this happen if the controller and tapestation is not compatible ?

and the tapeinst.exe find it with the correct name and so on 

...check the Dell

...check the Dell compatibility guide for supported controllers for tape...the PERC might not be supported at all, in which case you need to organise a supported card.

I am not talking about the OS

I am not talking about the OS supporting such a configuration. I am saying that with some exceptions, BE does not support controllers with RAID capability and your controller is one of those not supported. Read the document below

Backup Exec does not support

Backup Exec does not support the H810 for tape drives per

Dell doesn't support the PERC H810 for tape drives.  See in the "external storage" tab you see "NS" in all the tape drive/library rows.