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Robotic library hardware error

Level 2
Robotic library hardware error.The robotic library has reported a general hardware error condition. Manual intervention, calibration, etc., may be required. This may be a device related hardware problem, or it may be some other hardware problem (i.e. SCSI card/bus etc.). The library and drive states have been set to offline. Please attend to this condition.
This is a new error appeared to me after issueing restore job.
What is the solution??

Level 3
Coincidentally, we had the same error this week, too. I had updated the drivers
on our Dell PowerVault 132T tape drives to the Dell drivers. Not that I selected
these drivers, they were installed via the Internet. The drives would go off-line,
also, and wouldn't even do an inventory.

Symantec support spotted the issue immediately as a driver issue and pointed
me to the driver update link from Symantec and, after downloading and installing
the new Symantec drivers (Jan. 2008 drivers), all was back as before. All told,
I spent less than a half hour on line with Symantec.

I'd check the tape drive drivers first.  Good luck!