Robtest equivalent in BackupExec?

I have an admittedly old version of BackupExec I need to support (10d) without upgrading.  I need to perform actions in BackupExec similar to those performed in NetBackup using Robtest. 

I need the ability to move tapes from slots to drives in a robot.  Robtest has simple commands to do this but it’s not part of BackupExec.  Does anyone know of a similar utility for BackupExec?  Failing that, does anyone know how to manually move specific tapes from slots to drives without actually performing a backup/restore?


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Unfortunately robtest kind of

Unfortunately robtest kind of a utility is not available in Backup Exec.

Only option available is through the library console.


Thanks for the response. 

Thanks for the response.  Library console is what we're currently using but we're remote to the tape library and the web interface is horribly cumbersome.  It can take up to 30 minutes to navigate the menu and get a tape moved into a drive.  I was hoping for a quicker way.


RE: Robtest equivalent in BackupExec?

Just out of curiosity,

Why do you want to do this?   Why not just let BackupExec and the library manage the tapes?

You can always partition the slots if you want a specific job to write only to one specific tape


I have a 3rd party utility

I have a 3rd party utility that pulls data from tapes for old Exchange 2000 restores; avoids the requirement for maintaining an Exchange 2000 restore environment.  The utility needs direct access to the drives within the library and requires the tape be mounted in the selected drive (no interface in the utility to manage the tape library).


RE: I have a 3rd party utility

OK, makes sense in that case