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[SDR] Recovery process question

Level 3

Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding SDR Recovery. I have created a bootibale SDR Disk for my Server running BE16, latest patch level. What if now the server has a hardware failure and it gets replaced: which conditions must apply for successfull SDR?

- entire hardware must bei 1:1 the same?

I.E. what happens if the new server has a different mainboard or even a different (newer) BIOS installed? Can I still use my recovery image?

How strict does a "specially" for one server created ISO have to stick to this given hardware? How tolerant is it towards hardware changes?

Thanks, Boris


Level 6

 You can recover to different hardware.  The only gottcha could be RAID setup on the new hardware as outlined in below documents:

 Also,  you may want to look at Backup Exec Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion feature in case you want to recover to Virtual vs physical hardware. 

Conversion to virtual machines



About Simplified Disaster Recovery

"When you use SDR to perform a recovery, Backup Exec uses the system-level information from the SDR backup to rebuild the server and restore it to a functional state. Recovery includes a bare metal or dissimilar hardware restore operation."


Requirements for using Simplified Disaster Recovery - Requirements for running the Recover This Computer Wizard



Best practices for Backup Exec 16 Simplified Disaster Recovery







Hallo nochmal, danke für die Info. Ich habe es jetzt mal ausprobiert auf einer komplett anderen Hardware. Ich komme bis zur Auswahl von Daten und Zeitpunkt der Wiederherstellung, danach kommt dann die Fehlermeldung "Die Firmwaretypen stimmen nicht überein." Was will mir das sagen? Ehrlich gesagt, es würde mich schon überraschen, wenn die Wiederherstellung auf andere Hardware tatsächlich möglich wäre, denn es stehen ja nur die Original-Treiber auf dem SDR Medium zur Verfügung.

Hello again, thanks for the info. I have tried it now on a completely different hardware. I come to the selection of data and time of recovery, then comes the error message "The firmware types do not match." What does that mean? Honestly, it would surprise me if the restoration to other hardware would actually be possible, because only the original drivers are available on the SDR medium.

Employee Accredited Certified

I think that realtes to the BIOS type of the original computer against the BIOS type of the hardware you are trying to restore to (uEFI has to be restored to uEFI etc)

Sure? All our current systems are UEFI. As it is the Server, which the SDR-Image comes from. I really must make sure that enabling SDR makes sense for us. So I am looking for a serious statement, how tolerant a certain "minimum" (means no additional drivers) SDR Image is towards different hardware. Anyone? Thanks!

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As network cards and storage controllers in newer hardware can change regularly you almost always have to be prepared to supply those (although they can often be added from a USB disk after booting into the SDR environment and don't have to be part of the SDR image.)

I supplied some storage drivers in my tests. Nevertheless I still get the "The firmware types do not match" message on different hardware. Does someone have an idea what exactly this message may point to?

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Although this is for System Recovery (not Backup Exec), it may help: