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SDR of Hyper-V Host and VM's

We have 5 physical servers. 1 physical server is a DC running on server 2016. On these physical servers are hyper-v vm's that consist of windows and 2 linux servers. The hyper-v host is server 2016 core and 1 server 2012 r2 core. The linux guest vm's are SLES12 (with a GUI) and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (without a GUI). The windows guest vm's are server 2012 r2. RAWS's is installed on the host and guest systems. RALUS is installed on the 2 linux servers. We do a full backup once a week of the host server which includes the guest vm's and we keep the backup for 2 weeks. We do an incremental at 11:00 then every 1 day. We backup to disk.

Days ago, we had a host OS become corrupted which required a reinstall! This made me evaluate our disaster recovery plan. So i started reading about simplified disaster recovery and have a question. It looks like complete system recovery is what we would like. I have created the SDR ISO for one of the host servers. My questions is this, if there is a disaster and we have to use the SDR to recover, will that recover the vm's or will we need to perform some extra steps to get it back up to the last place of a backup?

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Re: SDR of Hyper-V Host and VM's

Hi, I beleive in that case it will be a two step process. The first pass can restore the OS and all of it's services and the next, once the system is on line, the VMs.

I'm not 100% sure so maybe someone else can chime in with more Hyper-V details.