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SQL Express 2008 R2 failing to install Server 2012 R2

Hi, brand new to Backup Exec 15.  I suspect you would probably prefer to make this 3 different posts but it was hard enough finding the option to post this one.  I remember the glory days of being able to call a person and have a factory person walk you though some things in 10-30mins and have your problem resolved.  Aren't they trying to sell this to me???

Brand new installation on local machine only.  One instance of SQL 2005 running but want new SQL 2008 R2 for this tool.

1. installation log does not indicate SQL 2008 was installed but during installation the process took 10-20mins.  Is there a way to check; it is not in my SQL server configuration manager and it does not appear in my "services" manager.

Can I simply run a custom install described in the manual and force it on?  Of course I am the admin; I built this box.  If I force it on how do I point Backup Exec 15 to SQL 2008 as that wasn't covered in the manual exactly.


2. I exported the encryption key to my local C drive and it is not there.  Whats up whit that?


*3. In configuration storage options I can not seem to get the Backup Exec 15 to permit me to add a local network storage option as my backup target.  I can only get local storage, cloud storage, or tape.  Am I to assume I should be installing the Backup Exec 15 on my target system and run the agent on the server I want backed up?  Where was that topology example on the website?  This is day one of my 60 day trial.  This is the feature advertised on the website and in the manual I need.


4. Any other suggestions known that permit incremental backups to network storage or file shares where the program runs on the server being backed up.  Server 2012 R2's built in solution pushes a whole new backup everyday and writes over the existing; realy lame.

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Re: SQL Express 2008 R2 failing to install Server 2012 R2

Backup Exec 51 install SQL Express 2008 R2 for you - and we do not recommend that the BE SQL instance is shared with any production databases and unless you have a busy CASO setup the Express edition is capable of handling BE so do you need a full SQL 2008 R2 instance?

Re: SQL Express 2008 R2 failing to install Server 2012 R2

Mr. Weaver, thanks for your reply.


I would simply like to confirm the BE SQL installed.  It doesn't seem to be anywhere.  The install log doesn't specifically state it was installed and my other server tools have no visible control over it.  Since the manual specifically permits other instances of SQL on the same server I would like to know that it's installed.


Regarding topology, I have this one file server I intentend to backup.  Can I put BE on that server and send the backup files to a local network drive or do I need to build a BE server and then install the agent on the file server?  I mean it is pretty plain to see I can send the BE backup files to a "cloud provider" of storage but thats not my interest as I have multiple building with server resources and my off site is "down the road".