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SQL query to list returnable vault contents

Level 3

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can get me started on a basic sql query, ky sql skills are not up to scratch!

We send the Backup Exec 2012 report "Retrieve Media From Vault" (retrievemediafromvault_en.rdl) to our external media management company each and they select 40 tapes that they hold in their vault to return to us. The problem is they always select the first 40 tapes and therefore some tapes get used a lot more than others.

What I am after is a very basic sql query that just lists all the tapes that have been sent to a Backup Exec vault that are ready to be returned to use (i.e. no overwrite protection period). We can then randomize this and send the first 40 results to the management company.

Can anyone help with the query that will return the same results as the "Retrieve Media From Vault" report?

Thanks very much,