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SQL server backup problem with credential

hi all, 

            iam trying to create a SQL selection list. The sql server is not joined to domain and it is windows 2008. so i created a user Badmin in the sql server locally, and i made it administrator, backup operator, and under local security i added it to log on as batch job.Still when i select the badmin fro selection list it showing wrong credential, all other resources like its system state normal files all are accessible. only proble is while trying to access SQL database. please help on this issue.


Yunus Hussian K

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SQL admin?

Is that account have sufficient privileges to access SQL databases? Means sql admin privileges?



hi kiren,             i added

hi kiren,

            i added that to all SQL groups available there in the groups. But there is nothign specific as SQLAdmin group.


Make sure the remote agent

Make sure the remote agent service on the Sql server is running on Local system account and try creating a new backup Job .


...did you add that account

...did you add that account under Network --> Logon Accounts as servername\account? You can also try IP_address\account if you haven't put something into the HOSTS file of the media server.


hi all,            i have

hi all, 

          i have added this account under network--> logon account as servername\accountname

i confirmed the agent is running.

still the problem is there.


Hi , have you added this

Hi ,

have you added this account Badmin in SQL logins .

and does it have dbcreator , serveradmin and sysadmin roles in SQL .

can you check the same and update the result .

Thanks & Regards

Sharad Ail