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Save and Restore: Cannot Progress Beyond Image Integrity Check

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Please accept my apologies if this is posted incorrectly, this site is quite different than it was the last time I was here, and the directions are not clear.  And I cannot find a forum specific for Save and Restore issues.

I wondered if someone had any ideas about a Save and Restore issue...I decided I wished to reinstall a previously created disc image on my Dell Vostro, off of a Seagate external drive...I booted into the cd environment, and got as far as finding two known disc images...I selected one, but when the Wizard then progresses to the stage of checking the image integrity, it never goes beyond zero percent...just those zeroes and ones scrolling across.

Is there a step I missed?

My PC is 99% functional, so I may just forget the idea of going backward...but it is frustrating to note that after several years of having S&R on four PC's, and now trying to use it for the first time, I find it does not work.

Thanks so much for any suggestions.



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This is the wrong forum.  You would have to go to for support.

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction....kinda confusing at times, what is Symantec vs. what is Norton!