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Schedule Disk to Tape jobs

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is there a way to schedule a duplicate to tape job for data set's?

i have scenario and i want it to be as automatic as possible.

i have 1 CAS and 2 MBS , MBS1 runs the backup job and store backups in Local deduplication folder then duplicate them to tape in next stage opt-duplicate them to MBS2 (another site) , i  want to add an stage to duplicate backups from  MBS2 to attached tape library who attached to it.

how can i do this? when adding another stage backup exec says cant access device (tape library who attached to MBS2) and i know thats because MBS1 is running backup , duplicate and opt-duplicate jobs not MBS2.

is there any way to add last stage to my backup policy? (Script , Device sharing or ...)


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Refer here:

You won't be able to access a direct-attached tape library on 1 server from another, even with CASO invoked.

You need to do the following:

1. On MBS1 - backup to the dedupe folder

2. Create a stage to duplicate from the dedupe folder on MBS1 to the B2D (or dedupe folder) on MBS2. If you are duplicating to a B2D then the data will be rehydrated.

3. Create a stage to duplicate to tape on MBS2. If you are duplicating from a dedupe folder it will rehydrate the data to tape so expect a longer process.


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See this discussion for a solution