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I have a strange issue, I run scheduled reports every day to inform me of what is going on with my backupexec environment.

Currently i receive the reports, BUT when i look under reports - See Upcoming, it is empty.

the jobs still appear to execute, but i am unable to edit them as they do not show.

I cannot recreate them, as i get an error on the report name already exists.

Is there a way to "unhide" or to find these reports?




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Hi,   Run a repair of the



Run a repair of the BEDB using BEutility.exe to rule out any DB corruption. It makes no changes and is safe to do so.


Would recommend to run a

Would recommend to run a repair of BE itself first and if that doesn't help, follow this KB - http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH125262

If the server name wasn't ever changed, run the second step directly which updates the Reports table.


Hi. Thanks for the


Thanks for the suggesstion.

I have just run a couple of the options, to check consistancy etc and it didnt find anything, so ran the repair, but the issue still remains.



Good article. Followed the

Good article.

Followed the steps. the server had the correct name, so went to Step 2 and ran the osql command.

The scheduled reports are still not showing though Smiley Sad



What's the version of BE

What's the version of BE which you are using ? Is there any notification/alert to the extreme, lower left bottom corner of the UI ?

Do these scheduled reports show up under "Completed Reports" section ?

Hi We are running BE 2014


We are running BE 2014 patched upto but not including SP1 (scheduled for this Friday)

For errors i get 2 regarding the report. The first is - The job failed with the following error: The Backup Exec Job engine system service is not responding, but then a minute later i receive the email with the report in.


I see them all in completed reports and they show as successful.


Any other errors/warnings

Any other errors/warnings under the event viewer ?

Would recommend to check after installing SP1, else to log a formal support case.

Hi,   Any update about this


  Any update about this issue ?

  I also meet the same problem. I have 57 tasks show on the bottom of window. But only can find 55 tasks in task list , I missing 2 daily report tasks. And can not find report jobs in reports tab. I got jobs fail everyday but no way to delete this two jobs.

20150312 error-1.png

Re: Hi,  Any update about this


The scheduled reports still ran but just didnt show in the gui. I eventually found a way to delete the reports that were not showing from SQL. I then recreated them in BEXEC.

We are now on 2016 FP2 and the problem came back. SO again i have running reports but nothing in the gui. i also get an alert that the job failed due to lack of resources, but the report still runs.

Re: Hi,  Any update about this

Can you attach your database here? We will need file by name BEDB.bak under Data folder, from the directory where Backup Exec is installed.

Re: Hi,  Any update about this

How was you able to delete the job?