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Scheduling "conflicts" are beeing ignored

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i have run into a weird problem with the scheduling.
Normally BE should skip the more common job for the less common job.

Here is an example of my backup job:
-- Full
-- Inc
-- Weekly Duplicate to tape
-- Monthly Duplicate to tape
-- Yearly Duplicate to tape

The "weekly duplicate to tape" job runs every week on monday at 8am
The "monthly duplicate to tape" job runs every month on the first monday at 8am

So in my case the weekly job should be skipped for the monthly job which runs less often.

But the weekly job is not skipped, it starts like normal.
At the same time the monthly job is also started.

So both jobs run at the same time...

I searched the community and google, but have not been able to find an answer why this happens.

Maybe someone here can tell me what is going on.



As per the Hidden Automatic Rule, the job with lowest repeat frequecy should run and the others will be rescheduled for next run. So, Weekly conflict with Daily will result in Weekly running. Monthly conflict with either Daily or Weekly or both will result in Monthly running if the start times are same for all of them.

In your case, we will need to check how the jobs are configured (stages). Will it be possible for you to send the screenshot of the job stages configured.


i attached a screenshot of the Backup job stages.

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I don't think duplicate jobs use the hidden scheduling conflict rules - reason being that we actually have customers that backup to disk but actually want to duplicate the same data twice to two separate tapes (using two separate tape drives and two duplicate jobs in the overall definition), where one tape is to left in an on-site firesafe, and the other tape is to be sent offsite (which would take longer to get back but would be safe from a complete site disaster)

As such to achieve what you want I think you have to set the duplicate weekly schedule to exclude the date(s) of the duplicate monthly schedule.

Note I have not actually checked the above thought by setting up any tests.