Script required for Shutting down the Lotus Domino Database

Dear All,

Anyone is having Idea to create Windows Script to Shutdown the Lotus Domino Database?


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Hello, I know how to write a


I know how to write a Script to stop services on a remote server, but I dont know what all services are installed with Lotus Notes. Could you provide me with the services and the .EXE file associated with the service so that I can write a script for you?

any news?

any news?

any news?

Its Lotud Domino Database.

It is having certain commands to stop the Lotus Instance from the Lotus Command Prompt.

like db flush, drop all etc.

If you will stop the Lotus domino Service then Domino Database will crash. We dont want to take that risk. Thats why I want some script which is purly targeting Lotus Domino.


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