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Hi all

Sure I have asked this before but the forum search is not terribly good!

Is it possible to search all backups for a partial filename?




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Re: Search Everywhere

For the 2010 answer you will probably have to rely on another end-user knowing the answer, as the product is old (and no longer supported) and you are asking about a feature we did not get many support cases against it is unlikely any support staff will know exactly what search capabilities existed within the console.

For all versions of Backup Exec I doubt you can search against specific files that are only backed up in the System State part of a backup -  just because these are not exposed as individual choices in restore selections so would not be searchable

For the current version (BE 16) there are search capabilities that include wildcard operations, BUT if you are using Instant GRT as part of your backup job configurations then any search results will not include the content of those backup sets.