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Selection List Details Report, Backup Exec 11d

I imagine I am just missing something easy, but I just can't seem to come up with a report which puts out a the text from the View Selection List Details when creating a selection list.

Ideally, I would love to get a list of this text by resource, but I'd be happy with a list by job.  Just something as simple as:

Job 1:

\\server-01\c:\*.* /SUBDIR

\\server-01\System?State\*.* /SUBDIR


And so on for each job.  None of the canned reports seem to do this, and I don't see Selection List Details as an availble field when creating a custom report.  I realize that I could probably accomplish this by going into each backup report manually and scraping the data to compile a master list; but, that seems a bit silly.

As it is, I'm right now looking at just poking into the database itself and pulling the data out.  But, Id rather not.

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Re: Selection List Details Report, Backup Exec 11d

Veritas and now Symantec have continued to ignore customer requests for the ability to print off Selection Lists


FWIW, you can add this at the "enhancements" area, but don't hold your breath

Message Edited by Ken Putnam on 09-10-2008 09:27 AM

Re: Selection List Details Report, Backup Exec 11d

Thanks, I was afraid that this was going to be the answer.  I had done a bit of searching and run across several similar comments.

FWIW, I managed to run down the data in the BE database, and it looks like it's retrievable, though it is going to take some massaging to make it look right.  It would appear that the lines we see in the View Selection Details tab do not actually exist as an entity in the database anywhere.  I have a sql script I use to crawl databases for text, and '/INCLUDE' and '/EXCLUDE' do not exist in any table or stored procedure in my BE database.  They both appear to be calculated values from the columns in the BackupScripts table, with the rest of each line being built from three other columns.  I'm working on a script right now to just iterate through that table and give me the output based on job name, in the nice format which shows up in the View Selection Details tab.  

It's a messy solution, but if you can't get the right tool, it's time to get inventive. 

Thanks for the Reply Ken.


Re: Selection List Details Report, Backup Exec 11d

Hi, here is how I do it.

In backup Exec:

Right-click the selection list and choose View Summary.

Highlight (select) "Selection/resource Order" and "Resource Credentials" information.

Right-click and choose copy (or print and then print to a file printer)


Open Notepad or simular prog. and paste in selection.


Some work needs to be done. The "Selection/resource Order" doesn't include the network
server/resource name. But after every System State\*.* /SUBDIR the list changes to a new network resource (server),


c:\*.* /SUBDIR
c:\not for backup\*.* /EXCLUDE
Shadow Copy Components\*.* /SUBDIR
System State\*.* /SUBDIR
e:\not for backup\*.* /EXCLUDE
System State\*.* /SUBDIR


At least for me the information under "Resource Credentials" lists the server backup order in the same order as "Selection/resource Order" lists.

So I copy'n paste a bit:

\\server-01\c:\*.* /SUBDIR
\\server-01\c:\not for backup\*.* /EXCLUDE
\\server-01\Shadow Copy Components\*.* /SUBDIR
\\server-01\System State\*.* /SUBDIR
\\server-02\e:\not for backup\*.* /EXCLUDE
\\server-02\System State\*.* /SUBDIR


Hopefully this helps.