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Server 2008 64 Bit With Hyper V - Deployment / Install Issues

Level 3

Just installed Symantec Backup Exec. 2010 System Recovery and im having some issues. The product installs and backs up the main server with no issues however when I try and deploy the client software using computers--->Add from the menu bar I get an error -Error E0D3EBC0: Cannot deploy the Agent to ACCOUNTING. --ACCOUNTING, Exception occurred: Attempt to push package to remote machine failed due to an invalid environment The file download was aborted abnormally. The file is incomplete. (UMI:V-281-211-60352) This happens on every attempt with correct login credentials please help!!!! Note: This happens when attempting to deploy to hyperv and non hyperv clients! Hyper V clients are 2008 server and 2003 server Computer clients are all xp


Level 2

Is there a resolution for this problem??