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Server 2008 Down - Need Backup Exec boot disk

Level 2

Server is completely down. I need a recovery disk to start the repair process. We use Backup Exec 2010.  The iso file from the file connect server is just for the instal disk.  Anyone know how I can create a boot disk?


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

You'll need a running setup of BE along with the backup set to create the IDR boot disk.

KB -

You may have to take the manual route and this KB should help you -

Level 2

Thanks VJware.....from your response, it looks like I am in trouble.  I need to recover the data from our backups to restore the windows system state but can't even get the computre running to do so and don't have a recovery disk.  Any other suggestions on how I can recover without making making a whole new windows install?

Level 5

If you didn't set up SDR and create your recovery disk, you will have to install 2008 server manually then restore files and system state (that order is best.)

If it is a domain controller, you have to restore system state in DSRM.

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The links VJware sent will help if you have to do a manual recovery