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Server Crashes after Tape Preparation


please excuse my poor english.
Until October our Backup worked just perfect but since then only every 6th Backupjub ends with success.
- That's not good - ...

There is no hint from an Logfile or anything else why this happens. If I logon to the server, say at the next morning, after Backup should have run, Windows welcomes me with a message that there was ab unawaited reboot. (a bluescreen)
I can "reproduce" the failur as often as I wont by starting a job manually.
The Medium gets initialised rewinded and then Backup Exec prepares the media for writing. In German:"Medium wir gespannt" tranlation from google: "medium gets stretched".
After that message the whole Server does a reboot.

Please help.

Backup Exec v.9.1
Windows 2003 Terminal Server
Sony AIT Drive
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Re: Server Crashes after Tape Preparation

If you are running Symantec 10 at the same time as 9.1, then you have to update your SymEvent File. Look on the Symantec website about it. We had the same problem.


Re: Server Crashes after Tape Preparation

Yes, I'm running Symantec 10 at the same time. I've updated the SymEvent file now, so I'll see the result tomorrow morning.
Thank you for that information.


Re: Server Crashes after Tape Preparation

Hello Matias,

Does your server still crash after the tape preparation? Do update us on the status of this post.

Note : If we do not receive your reply within two business days, this post would be marked ‘assumed answered’ and would be moved to ‘answered questions’ pool.