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Server Renamed-Access denied

I have a client who uninstalled everything but BE from a server, renamed that server, and then installed SQL.

Now the BE services will not start. Attempts to access the app result in 'Invalid Password' messages. Unable to Uninstall or Repair the application.

Renaming back to the old name is a last resort.

Any ideas on how to gain access?

Any information is greatly appreciated. THANKS.
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Re: Server Renamed-Access denied


From the link below download MSI cleanup utility;en-us;290301
This utility will give you a list of applications to delete.Delete all Backup Exec applications and then try reinstalling Backup Exec.

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Re: Server Renamed-Access denied

Thank You tehashree.

I found that utility this morning. I have run it.

Now when attempting to install Veritas, I get the message

SQL server does not exist or access denied.
ConnectionOpen (Connect()).

I'm currently attempting to resolve that issue. Thanks again.

Re: Server Renamed-Access denied


Downloaded the SQL cleanup utility that fixes 'Slammer Worm' issues and ran it. It resolved the ConnectionOpen issue.

Then had trouble with installation not completing and rolling back. After more searching I downloaded 9.0 build 4454 which installed, but then wouldn't find the db. Attempted to use BEUtility to no avail, although it did create a db.

Then stopped SQL services, renamed db, started Veritas and it ran through the setup wizard. After completion started SQL and all is working.

Thank You again tehashree for your reply.

Re: Server Renamed-Access denied

While you are still in maintenance mode, you might consider the free upgrade to v9.1 Will accept all your v9 serials and contains a lot of fixes

v9.1 here

SP3 here

Re: Server Renamed-Access denied


You can also try installing v9.1 as mentioned in the previous post. Please update us on the same.

Please update us on the same with the results.

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